Our Concept

The PREMA concept introduces an integrated, efficient and profitable resource management in enterprises by strengthening the respective competences of "change agents" within organisations (and of facilitators who accompany this process) to increase resource efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of business models, and its contri­bution to a circular, inclusive and resilient economy.

The PREMA training, consultancy and coaching programme aims at motivating companies to engage in an improvement process that results in "four benefits”.




PREMA ensures the sustainable implementation of improvement measures by interlinking existing knowledge and new skills, applying these directly to own business, and integrating the learning directly into the companies' day-to-day work.





The core analytical element of PREMA® is the Non Product Output (NPO) approach. Participants learn to identify and quantify NPO, i.e. “all raw materials, energy and water that are used in the production or service process but do not become part of the final product or service” (definition). These costs are non-value adding, yet not disclosed by traditional accounting systems.




PREMA follows the "Cycle of Change" to ensure effective implementation of measures. The information collected during the on-site diagnosis - along the production process and using "NPO glasses" - build the basis for passing the 6 steps of the change cycle that lead participants to the development of measures, the evaluation of their 4 expected benefits and a realistic action plan to implement increased resource efficiency in each company.


Cycle of Change


PREMA also strengthens organisational skills to promote continuous improvement. Depending on the duration of the programme the use of presentation, visualisation, moderation and teamwork techniques that facilitate the effective implementation of measures will be trained. The creative and interactive PREMA learning in organisational change strengthens the existing know-how in the company or institution, the skills to solve problems, to cooperate in teams and to learn from the experiences of other departments or enterprises.


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